På IPCC-mødet i april 2008 blev det besluttet, at IPCC’s næste hovedrapport AR5 skal udkomme i 2013-14 og bestå af tre arbejdsgrupperapporter og en synteserapport.

Uddrag fra mødereferatet:

“The Panel decided to carry out a Fifth Assessment report to be finalized in 2014, with a target date of early 2013 for the release of the Working Group I report. The present focus and structure of IPCC Working Group will be retained with three Working Groups dealing respectively with the “Physical science basis”, “Impacts, adaptation and vulnerability”, “Mitigation of climate change”, and a Task Force on National Greenhouse Gas Inventories. Size and composition of the IPCC Bureau will be maintained. The Panel further decided to extend the Framework and Criteria for Special Reports, Methodology Reports and Technical Papers beyond the period of the Fourth Assessment Report.”

Det blev ligeledes besluttet, at IPCC vil organisere arbejde vedr. nye integrerede scenarier for udslip af drivhusgasser, klima- og samfundsøkonomisk udvikling.

Se hele referatet på http://www.ipcc.ch/meetings/session29/doc2.pdf