Hereby a
little status on the IPCC AR6 and the Special Reports.

Report on 1.5 degrees global warming

7 authors
have been nominated for the author team of the SR1.5. The IPCC Bureau will
decide the composition of the author team in late January.

de Neergaard, KU

Sovacool, AU

Haselip, DTU

Porter, KU

Karen Holm Olsen, DTU

Josefina Figuera Meza, CBS

Philip Fosbøl, DTU

Report on Ocean and Cryosphere

The Scoping
Meeting was held in early December. No experts from Denmark were invited
despite 6 nominations. The outcome of the scoping meeting will be discussed and
an outline approved at IPCC-45 in late March, and subsequently author calls are
expected in April.

Report on Land Use

The IPCC Bureau have selected the
experts that will participate in the Scoping Meeting for the IPCC Special
Report on climate change, desertification, land degradation, sustainable land
management, food security, and greenhouse gas fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems,
which will be held 13-16 February 2017 in Dublin. I am happy to tell you that
John Porter was selected. See the full list:

calls for the SR Land Use are expected in April, after the Panel’s approval of
the outline at IPCC-45 in late March.

report, updating the IPCC 2006 guidelines on GHG inventories

The Bureau
will decide the author team in late February. No experts from Denmark were


5 experts
from Denmark are nominated to participate in the Scoping Meeting to take place
in May 2017

Anne Olhoff, DTU

Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen, DMI

Jørgen Hollesen, NatMus

Kirsten Halsnæs, DTU

Mikael Skou Andersen, AU

The Bureau
will decide in late January which experts are invited to the Scoping Meeting.

calls for the three working groups are expected in September, after the Panel’s
approval of the AR6 outline at IPCC-46 in early September.

AR 6
planning schedule

The overall
AR 6 planning schedule has been updated on December 20. Here the important
meetings and milestones for the whole AR6 Assessment Cycle are listed:

homepage has a lot of info on the
products and procedures of the IPCC, including dedicated pages for each Special

meeting in January at KU IGN, Jan 20

An info
meeting on how to become an IPCC author and what it entails is being planned
for the afternoon of January 20 at Copenhagen University. The content will be
very similar to the meetings held in October, but not all interested persons
had the opportunity to join, so here is a new chance. Get in touch if you’re